Town & Country Center

This summer Grit Development, the owner of the historic Town & Country Center, announced a rehabilitation plan that will begin with the period-correct repainting of the building's exteriors and some landscape improvements. A comprehensive rehabilitation will follow after the firm's downtown project has been completed in several years. In the interim, the City of Palm Springs ordered the company to more fully secure the property and prevent further deterioration.

The Town & Country Center has been a top priority for our organization since the early 2000s. In 2017, the Palm Springs City Council directed the Palm Springs Modern Committee to advise the council and work with the owner on a historically and architecturally accurate rehabilitation. Councilman J.R. Roberts said of this arrangement, "The City has clearly stated that the Town & Country Center is an important asset in our revitalized downtown that can be brought back to life for the benefit of residents and tourists alike.”