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This year the Palm Springs Modern Committee celebrates our 20th anniversary. For 15 of those 20 years we have fought to save the Town & Country Center from demolition, with the ultimate goal of restoring the historic property and reintegrating it into our downtown. In the past year, with direction from City Council and guidance from the Modern Committee, the Town & Country Center has been physically stabilized and secured from vandalism by owner Grit Development. However, we are very concerned that it will still be many years before Grit obtains sufficient funds to actually restore the property.

Right now, the City is in negotiations with Grit Development to settle litigation associated with the Wessman, Pougnet, Meaney corruption scandal as it relates to the new downtown development. This litigation falls under what’s known as Government Code Section 1090. As part of these 1090 negotiations, we believe that the Council must include the Town & Country Center in this settlement.

The Palm Springs City Council will be discussing various settlement options at their meeting this Wednesday, July 10th starting at 6pm. We need you to email the City and write to the Desert Sun using the information in this communication.

We cannot expect, nor do we want, the City to be responsible for restoring the Town & Country Center if acquired. Instead, were the City to obtain the Town & Country Center in these negotiations, it should move rapidly to sell the property to investors committed to restoring and integrating the historic site into our vibrant downtown. In addition, the Palm Springs Modern Committee pledges to actively assist the City in finding a buyer for the site.

As a community, let’s take advantage of this opportunity for the City to acquire – and find the right buyer for – a key piece of Palm Springs’ modern architectural history.

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