The Palm Springs Modern Committee is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Membership dues and sponsorships are tax deductible.

We gratefully recognize the support of our high level members and corporate sponsors:

Lifetime Partners

Beth Edwards Harris
Brent Harris
Chris Menrad
J.R. Roberts
Keith Markovitz & David Locke
Stan Amy & Christy Eugenis
Trina Turk & Jonathan Skow


Christopher Wigand & Edward Cole
Garth Gilpin
James Spindler
Jay Nailor, MiShell Modern & the Shag Store
Peter Hirsch & Michael Bakish
Sheldon Anderson
Troy Bankord Design

William Wickwire

Advocacy Partners

Bill Scheffler & Ann Sheffer
Bruce Lindstrom
Geoffrey Kors & James Williamson
Kevin Kemper & Howard Hawkes
Robert Kohl & Clark Pellett
Thomas Ford
Tracy Stern
Tracy Turco
William Christensen & Kreg Hill

Preservation Partners

Alex Roldan
Brown – Forman
Fred Wright
Jacques Caussin
Jade Nelson and Martin Lowery
Julie Rogers
Lenora Hume
Mosaic Wine Alliance
Sandy Edelstein
Troy Bankford Design

Corporate Sponsors

Christopher Anthony Ltd
Evzin Mediterranean Cuisine
Ferrari of Ranch Morage
Galerie XX
Henry Connell
Palm Springs Life
Towne Palm Springs
TTK Represents