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Tahquitz Plaza

Restored 2017

Tahquitz Plaza’s east 700/750 building and its west 600/650 building were designed in 1973 and 1976, respectively, by local architect Hugh Kaptur. They are excellent examples of Kaptur’s Pueblo Modern style that he developed in the late 1960s and perfected with this office complex. Nexus Development Corporation proposed significant changes to the buildings for a condo/mixed use project which, when criticized by the preservation community, attempted a full demolition instead.

PS ModCom’s attorney saved the property at the 11th hour and it was subsequently designated a Class One Site by City Council.  The owner restored Tahquitz Plaza under the direction of preservation architect Susan Secoy-Jensen with the Kaptur’s guidance.

JW Robinson’s Department Store

Restored 2016

JW Robinson’s Department Store by architects Pereira & Luckman was successfully restored in 2016.  PS ModCom was a strong supporter of its preservation and adaptive reuse.

Merrill Lynch Building

(Eisenhower Medical Center)

Restored 2015

The former Merrill Lynch Building designed by local architect Donald Wexler in 1971 was meticulously restored by Eisenhower Medical Center for its new use as a health center, opening its doors in 2015.

Santa Fe Federal Savings (Architecture & Design Center)

Restored 2014

PS ModCom was involved in the successful fight to prevent the construction of a massive adjacent building that would have suffocated the bank.  We also supported the bank’s designation as a Class One Historic Site in 2010. 

In 2012, PS ModCom donated $25,000 to become a Founder of the Architecture & Design Center that now occupies the building (opened 2014).  The property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2016.

Palm Springs Airport

Alterations Averted 2014

In 2014, PS ModCom led the successful effort to retain the original Palm Springs Airport ticketing area that was threatened by insensitive alterations that would have destroyed its open, breezy design. 

North Shore Yacht Club

Restored 2009

Located on the east side of the Salton Sea, the North Shore Yacht Club was designed in 1959 by local architect Albert Frey.   By the 2000s it had been abandoned, vandalized, and was close to demolition.  Then, in 2009, Riverside County spent $3.35 million to redevelop and restore the property for its new use as a community center.  

The property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2015.

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