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School Programs

PS ModCom has worked with the teachers and students at St. Theresa School since 2014, developing a new curriculum around architecture and preservation for grades 4 through 8. Exhibitions of student projects inspired by local and international architecture are held during Modernism Week.  From architectural scale models to artworks and PowerPoint presentations, students learn from a curriculum developed by noted architectural historian, writer, and founder of PS ModCom’s Education Committee Robert Imber, to gain familiarity of what makes modern design unique and how preservation has shaped our community. 

The BEAM program (Building Educational Architectural Models, and Be A Modernist!) continues to be developed and implemented in a growing number of local public schools including Palm Springs High School, Nellie Coffman Middle School, and Raymond Cree Middle School by the committee chair, Joan Gand.

To support ongoing learning, PS ModCom has arranged donations of educational tools on the topic of Modernism including books, DVDs, maps, a coloring book, and the Palm Springs architectural mobile app

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