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HSPB to consider landmark designation for deteriorating Racquet Club, Palm Springs City All: Tuesday, October 12, 9:00am

Consideration of Class One Historic Site designation for The Racquet Club by the Palm Springs Historic Site Preservation Board (HSPB) will be October 12 at 9am.  We strongly encourage you to attend.
The Racquet Club property, located on North Indian Canyon Drive, has been in a severe state of disrepair for the last 15 years.  During this time, the HSPB has regularly affirmed that the property qualifies for local landmark designation due to its rich historic and architectural legacy. Unfortunately, the owners of the property have consistently opposed designation.  Currently the property is listed for sale.
At their September meeting, the HSPB pointed out that restoration of the famous Bamboo Room and contributing architecture could significantly enhance the value of the property as well as qualify for tax incentives.  As not all of the property is considered to be conforming, there is a potential opportunity for the current or new owners to move forward with plans that would include new construction on the site.
Your attendance at the October 12th meeting will demonstrate support for the HSPB’s recommendation and might encourage the owners – who will be present – to join in a win-win for new development combined with restoration.


Facts contributing to the property’s significance:
  • Location of the Charlie Farrell Residence, built in the late 30’s
  • Existence of the tennis court, swimming pool, commercial buildings, and the Bamboo Room restaurant/night club all constructed in 1934
  • The Albert Frey designed bungalows built in the late 40’s
  • The Clark and Frey designed bungalows built in 1950-51
  • The setting for the 1956 Charlie Farrell Show
  • The William Cody designed Racquet Club cottages built in 1960
  • The Schiff House addition and enclosed pool by Albert Frey, 1960
Please join us there to show your support!

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