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Congratulations To The Award Winners Of Our 2022 Annual PS ModCom Preservation Awards!

Richard Harrison
Lifetime Achievement Award  (In Memorium)
Presented to the architect’s daughter, Kim Harrison
(fourth, left to right)

Steven Keylon and John De La Rosa
Residential Preservation Award
Slayman Residence, architectural designer Herbert W. Burns, 1950
(fifth, left to right)

Brian Ray
Residential Renovation Award
For the Les Pool House, developer Claude Hicks, 1958
(first, left to right)

Carlos Serrao and Monica May
Residential Renovation Award
For the Chambers Residence, architect Robson C. Chambers with Albert Frey, 1946; additions 1950 and 1956
(sixth and seventh, left to right)

Brett Woods and Joe Dangaran
Excellence in New Design Award
Private residence, Woods + Dangaran, 2021
(second and third, left to right)

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