The Palm Springs Modern Committee (PS ModCom) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of Desert Modern architecture and design. We accomplish this through education, advocacy for threatened buildings, promotion of heritage tourism, and the celebration of successes in preservation and adaptive reuse. Members include desert residents and non-residents alike.

Take a look at this quick video about PS ModCom, produced by the AIA for their 2013 National Conference, when PS ModCom was honored with a Collaborative Achievement Award.

PS Modcom Committees:
All members are encouraged to join one or more of these important committees. Only with active volunteer participation can we hope to achieve our ambitious goals!

Please click here to find out more about volunteering with us.

Education Committee (Robert Imber, Chair):
Currently the Education Committee is updating and creating new display boards for public exhibition, produces and manages the February “Architecture Month” exhibition at the Palm Springs LibraryCenter, and coordinates the Annual PS ModCom Preservation Awards.

Outreach Committee (Nickie McLaughlin, Chair):
Currently the Outreach Committee produces the annual PS ModCom House Tour, produces the annual Gala Benefit, and manages PS ModCom’s booth at the Palm Springs Modernism Show. Outreach also coordinates the publishing and distribution of PS ModCom’s Self-Driving Map of Modern Sites in Palm Springs.

Advocacy Committee (Peter Moruzzi, Chair):
The Advocacy Committee coordinates the various preservation efforts, both new and ongoing, that we’re following in the Coachella Valley. This includes working behind the scenes with city officials, property owners, preservation architects and others in forging agreeable solutions to complicated preservation problems. In other cases, advocacy efforts must be more public with letter-writing programs, city council testimony, and massive publicity campaigns conducted in order to achieve our goals. Litigation is considered the last resort, but, to be credible, we must be prepared with adequate funds in case a lawsuit is necessary.

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