LATEST NEWS: Aberdeen Project Pulled. Tahquitz Plaza Nominated for Class One Status

The Aberdeen project that would have demolished Hugh Kaptur’s Tahquitz Plaza buildings has been pulled by the developer. No reason was given. A demolition permit subsequently issued by the City was successfully appealed by PS ModCom’s attorney. At the same time, the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation submitted a nomination for the property for listing as a local Class One Historic Site. On June 9th, the City’s Historic Site Preservation Board (HSPB) voted to take the nomination under consideration and also issued a 120 day stay of demolition, which supersedes our appeal.

We will let you know when the HSPB schedules the nomination for a public hearing so that you can write and/or attend.

The buildings appear safe for the moment; however, their fate is very much up in the air. The best outcome would be for Nexus to sell the buildings to a buyer who appreciates their architectural importance and rehabilitates them for current use.

Stay tuned.

Tahquitz Plaza’s east 700/750 building and its west 600/650 building were designed in 1973 and 1976, respectively, by local architect Hugh Kaptur. They are excellent examples of Kaptur’s Pueblo Modern style that he developed in the late 1960s and perfected with this office complex.

Hugh Kaptur’s importance has been acknowledged in a recent documentary film and a new book on Desert Modernists. He also was honored with a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars fronting the Art Museum’s Architecture and Design Center.

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