UPDATE: January 28, 2015
Airport Facade Preserved!

PS ModCom is thrilled to announce that the Palm Springs Airport master plan has been revised so that the original west street-facing façade of the ticketing area will NOT be pushed out to create additional interior space. Instead, either the interior will be remodeled or the non-public rear of the building will be pushed out for needed expansion.

As a result, the mirror image open-air canopies of the ticketing and baggage claim areas that form the beautiful symmetry of architect Donald Wexler’s original design will be preserved.

A big thank you to the Palm Springs City Council for challenging the airport’s design consultants to produce feasible alternatives that would protect the façade – a designated Class One Historic Site. In addition, PS ModCom’s attorney, Amy Minteer, and our public testimony stressed the importance of preservation when considering solutions to the airport’s legitimate need to accommodate growth.

Finally, it is with tremendous gratitude that we acknowledge the open-minded consideration of the issues and excellent stewardship of this significant piece of Palm Springs’ architectural history by the airport’s management team led by executive director Thomas Nolan.

It is very encouraging that inclusive, constructive dialog led to this positive outcome that can serve as a model for preservation challenges today and in the future.

July 23, 2014
The proposed renovation of Palm Springs’ landmark airport includes extending the baggage claim area northward and enclosing the entire length of the open-air walkway fronting the ticketing area. We support the baggage claim expansion, which would not negatively impact the airport’s façade. However, enclosing the ticket area walkway would substantially alter the original appearance of the building, eliminating most of its casual open-air character. This sort of open airport design was a character-defining feature of 1960s airports in tourist environments such as the outer islands of Hawaii. To lose this quality would ruin what makes our airport so inviting and destroy the lovely symmetry of architect Donald Wexler’s original design.

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