James Spindler           Brad Dunning
Bill Scheffler & Ann Sheffer     Garth Gilpin

Don Cornuet                 Fred Wright
David Dunn                 John Brian King
Victoria Lightman         Rodney Lubeznik
Christopher Meyers       Catherine Meyler
Elizabeth Nevins         Donald Osborne
Graham Schneider       Roswitha Smale
Lars Viklund          Garret Werner
Shari Applebaum          Linda Blank
William Christensen & Kreg Hill
Peter M. Hirsch & Michael Bakish
Joseph & Kimberly Zakowski
Doug & Julia Wren

John Boccardo       Beth Edwards Harris
Brent Harris         TTK Represents
J.R. Roberts       Chris Menrad
Trina Turk & Jonathan Skow
Christy Eugenis & Stan Amy
Marmol Radziner

The PALM SPRINGS MODERN COMMITTEE is a 501c(3) non-profit
organization. Membership dues are tax deductable.

- A complimentary Palm Springs Modern Map, our Modern Tour App or a Palm Springs Life magazine subscription is included with all memberships.

Membership levels:

- $35 Individual Membership

- $50 Household Membership (2 persons)

- $250 Restoration Partner (includes one ticket to Annual Preservation Awards Dinner)

- $500 Preservation Partner (above benefits plus two tickets to annual Modernism Week Gala party)

- $1,000 Advocacy Partner (above benefits plus two tickets to annual Modern Home Tour)

If you believe, as we do, that Palm Springs has a past worth saving for the future, please join us today.

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